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Every day, we will distribute up to 60% of FT’s fee revenue of the previous day to KTC lockup holders proportionately.

KTC refers to the virtual currency Kyvalion Takun coin.
We will keep fairness, transparency and robustness of the FT trading platform as a recording medium that can not rewrite block chain utilizing KTC.
The total number of KTC issued to the market is set at 2.5 billion and never increases.
By locking up the KTC to the designated TD wallet, we will distribute up to 60% of the revenue to the KTC lockup holders at the holding ratio.

TD (token holder distribution) SERVICE

This is a token holder distribution service using its own virtual currency.
By locking up KTC, we will provide a proportional dividend in this service business revenue according to the lockup quantity ratio.

Lock-up Period 30th Day 90th Day 180th Day
Dividend rete 20% 40% 60%

Depending on the KTC lockup period you choose, the dividend rate for calculating the payout you can receive will differ.
The above dividend will be handed out at KTC every day.
KTC which you received as dividend can also be added lockup. Of course, you can withdraw freely.

Dividend calculation formula

※Overall revenue
= total revenue of fee
– FT operating expenses
× B
Dividend Rate
× D
Your lockup

FT total lockup KTC

Dividend to you