FT-Trade is the best platform fully loaded with professional functions for the scalping and day trading. It’s for all expert traders.

FT-Trade is a trading tool originally developed by FT with unique functions to make trading easier.
Settle All,Discard All,Settle X%,Repeat order,etc…

Easy and Quick Order Operation

  1. MPTYou can order an intermediate spread.
  2. All settlements Cancel all reservationsRun with one click.
  3. RepeatYou can order by setting quantity, number of times, price range.
  4. Sell+TP Buy+TPWhen the entry is completed, order one counter trade.
  5. Sell+SL Buy+SLWhen the entry is completed, place a stop order.

Convenient Settlement Operation

  1. Equivalence WithdrawI settle a position of the present without profit and loss.
  2. Settle X%I carry out the settlement of 50% and 30% of the current position.

Choose Your Own Position Operation

  1. VolumeClick order in 0.01,0.05,0.1lot units.
  2. Quantity adjustmentI make a mouse wheel revolve, and it’s possible to adjust the volume.

Advanced Order and Order History with Search engine.

  1. PAIR columnDisplay only a pair choosing now or a change of the indication is possible in all pairs.
  2. CLOSE TIME columnOnly a reservation position is displayed、Only an order history is displayed、Only a reservation position changes only indication and an order history to indication or both indication and is possible.

Stress-Free Full Spec Chart goes well with Any Trading Style

The figure chart is an actually operable demonstration using the library made in TradingView company of the high-performance chart. It is for a product and is available by real-time data update.